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Blog Week of 8-13-2018

Quote of the Week 8-13-2018

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”


Thank you all for attending the Nutrition Seminar last Saturday- great turnout.  I hope I sparked your interest in a part of fitness I am incredibly passionate about.  Next week we will begin setting up your individualized nutrition appointments.

Also, we will be hosting a COMPETITION-  I am really excited about this one guys! Saturday, October 13th we are hosting the ThrowDown 3.0, a fun and challenging partner competition.  Teams may be made up of female/female, male/female, or male/male. We will offer a Scaled division, an Rx Division, and an Rx over 35 years old division.  More on this in the upcoming week.


This week we get to see how our periodization for the Front Squat, Power Clean, and Push Press worked for us.  All week our strength will consist of 15 minutes to establish a new one rep max in each of these movements. I am looking forward to seeing how each of us improved.  Also, expect a tough Hero WOD on Thursday!


Our end of summer party at Dipsy’s house (Sunday 8-26-2018) is quickly approaching so get your ideas for homemade dishes ready.  I am also about to implement some ways for everyone to track and compare their workouts and strength sessions better. I think we can create more meaningful engagement with this new system I’m working on- more on this next blog post.


Blog Week of 8-6-2018

Quote of the Week 8-6-2018

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.”

This month will be the official launch of our Nutrition Program- I am really excited to see how the program positively impacts performance! Again, please have some goals in mind and some questions as I will be starting you all up with a Nutrition Seminar and Q&A session. This seminar will be free and held this Saturday 8-11-2018 at 11am. You guys are more than welcome to bring friends and family that may not be interested in CrossFit but interested in nutrition.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

This begins our second week of periodization for Front Squat, Push Press, and Power Clean. We will be hitting 3’s all week at 50%, 60%, 75%, 85%, then AMRAP at 90%. Try to have your numbers ready so we can move through our strength work with the intensity intended. We also get to play with some Bench Press and Snatch work.  Monday we get some unilateral dumbbell work within the Metcon and if you would like you are welcome to sub GHD sit-ups for the weighted sit-ups.  Tuesday will feel familiar as it’s a kind of half “Kelly” – mixing running, box jumps, and wall-balls.  Wednesday will have some rope climbs so wear high socks or knee sleeves!  Thursday mixes bar and ring muscle-ups within the same Metcon and Friday we will use our strength piece to work on high hang, low hang, and power snatches.

Our End of Summer Party will be held Sunday 8-26-2018 at Dipsy’s house. There will be lots of food and a little WOD as well! Please feel free to bring whatever home made dishes you would like and bring a friend or two along!


Blog Week of 7-30-2018

Quote Of The Week 7-30-2018

“Talent is a pursued interest.  In other words, anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

I was very happy to hear you guys enjoyed last week’s blog post!  Thank you for all the comments and support. I will be sure to make this a weekly occurrence for you guys.


Next month I will officially be beginning our Nutrition Program.  I aim to provide the community with the best possible nutritional support so we can all recover from the hard work.  This next week take some time to reflect on your goals- lose weight, build muscle, get faster, lift heavier ect. I will have a custom plan ready for you.  This program will be coupled with a nutritional seminar and Q&A session- more on that next week.


This week begins our periodization for the Front Squat, Power Clean, and Push Press.  You should all have your numbers from last week to plug into the percentages. We will be hitting 5’s all week- each rep is meant to be as heavy as possible while maintaining a touch and go.  A small reset at the top of a front squat or bottom of a clean is obviously acceptable but we are looking to move the bar as best as we can. The sets will be as follows- 5 @ 50%, 5 @ 60%, 5 @ 70%, 5 @ 80% all with about 90 seconds rest between.  Then a two minute rest followed by an all out AMRAP of 85%- our goal here is to reach failure around the 5 rep mark while still maintaining perfect form.


This month’s photo contest winner is Seltzer!  She took this great picture rocking a 631 tank at Lake George!  Make sure you guys keep getting me these amazing pictures of our community to share.  The End of Summer Party will be held at Dipsy’s house on August 26th. She has an amazing gym and pool- bring your friends and some food so we can all enjoy!


Blog 7-22-2018


“Exercise is a celebration of what you can do- not a punishment for what you ate.”

Those of you who have been with me for a while know I am always looking to add value and create a more engaging experience for my members.  In this spirit I have decided to provide you guys with some weekly content in the form of a programming blog.  This will be a place to post your times, reps, loads, comments, and discuss any training philosophy.  Let’s use this first post as a deep dive into what I envision for the week ahead.  I am truly looking forward to seeing what you all have to say!


As you all know we just finished up Bring A Friend Week- an entire week dedicated to partner WODs and longer but higher rest tasks.  Thank you to everyone who brought a friend- it was great meeting new people and we have a few new members to share our community with now!  It was even better watching you guys be so friendly, engaging, and welcoming to new people.  I feel truly blessed to have such a positive community.


Since it was partner week we used it as our strength review and deloading week for our major lifts. You guys all did amazing with our Back Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press, Mile Run, and 500m Row periodization from last month.  We will use this upcoming week to establish one rep maxes for our next training block.  The next four weeks will focus on the Front Squat, Power Clean, and Push Press.  We will also play with our Member Of The Month WOD on Tuesday- “The D-Nasty”!


We are still rolling with our Social Media Contest so make sure you guys keep up the great work of posting pictures and tagging the box for a chance to win an amazing basket of goodies!  I am currently designing a new shirt for us to rock as well.  Dipsy is planning an end of summer get together for all our members potluck style- I will post the date and more info as it approaches.  Lastly, I will be adding a Nutrition Program starting in August.  This is a major passion of mine and I feel it is paramount to any athlete’s success.  More on that in the coming weeks…