Quote of the Week 6-12-2023

“Good choices create opportunities. Good habits make the most of them.”


Welcome back friends! In last week’s Blog I mentioned we would chat about the success of this year’s “Murph” so here we go. CrossFit HQ and CrossFit North East Affiliates reached out to our social media team after seeing we hosted such a powerful event. They asked how we got to the point of running a 200+ person “Murph”. 

I gave them a BS answer. 

After thinking long and hard here is the real answer in just four simple steps for anyone that cares to know;

Step 1: Open a gym. 

Almost 15 years ago my training partners and I had the brilliant idea that we needed our own space to do “our thing”. Nobody (and I really do mean nobody despite what social media will tell you) was doing what we were doing- combining Strongman and this new idea of CrossFit in a group setting. I had no idea what would come of it and frankly believed it would just be another hobby.

Step 2: Screw it all up. 

I have been amazingly blessed with the ability to fail forward over the years. I have learned a lot and there is no doubt that my knowledge comes from making tons of mistakes. Posting crazy workouts of my own and my borderline dangerous lifts to get likes? Did that. Working out with my classes instead of Coaching them? Did that too. In the early years I failed hard and I failed often.

Step 3: Grow…too fast.

The second I realized people liked what we were doing and would pay money for it my MBA brain took over. I opened five gyms in five years. Sounds like a great success story yea? I was sleeping on the gym floor. 100% of my day was stressful. I had well over $30k a month in overhead and was working 80 hour weeks to make my landlords very happy. By FAR the worst part was I was (am?) a total control freak and just KNEW I was the only one who could do this thing right.

Step 4: Let it go.

Closing my Rocky Point and Lake Grove locations were two of the hardest and in retrospect best decisions I have ever made. At this step I also realized I should not Coach every class. I began taking great pride in having the best Coaches instead of being the best Coach. 

So how do you host a 200+ person “Murph”? By growing the best damn team ever. 

I am forever grateful to you guys- Pinky, Joel, Dipsy, DB, Seltzer, Casper thank you for everything. Thank you to all my Coaches who have stayed involved as well- Mittens, D-Rose, Nosejob, Mina, Ayo Tony, Dom, Seaworld, Thor, GameFace…the list goes on and on. Lastly, a big thank you to my NSYC team- I couldn’t have pulled it off without you. 



Here comes week two of our conditioning cycle and a HARD partner week! Expect to get beat up with our Metcons in a big way but hey, at least it will be a shared experience. Be sure to get to classes Tuesday for our Member of the Month WOD- “The SQRL”.




6 Rounds

Run 100m

Rest 30 seconds

Score is total time including rest


“Tag You’re It”


400m Run

10 T2B

10 OH Walking Plate Lunges (45#/25#)

Partners Alternate Movements



Tabata DB Snatch

8 Sets


“The SQRL”

10 Deadlift (225#/155#)

20 Wall balls

30 Pull-ups

40 Lunges

50 Burpees



5 Rounds

Row 200m

Rest 30 seconds

Score is total time including rest


“Jumpin Jack Flash”

With A Partner

200 Doubles

100 Box Jumps

80 KBS

60 KB Sit-ups


20 TGU

Share Workload as desired 



Tabata DB C&J

8 Sets


“Get Goin”

With a Partner

30 Rounds Total

5 DB Thrusters (50#/35#)

5 DB Push Jerks

5 Burpees over DB



“Push The Limit”

Partner A



Partner B


Strict HSPU

1 Minute Rest

Switch Movements

Partner B= Burpee-Pull-ups

Partner A= Strict HSPU

Only one partner works at a time