Blog Week of 12-28-2020

Quote of the Week 12-28-2020

“If you are going through hell…keep going.”


Cheers to new beginnings.  We have almost made it guys.  We overcame SO much this year. We started out real strong but then got hit with a full on shutdown.  I can still remember the afternoon we closed as Cuomo informed us of the mandates.  I said to myself, “hmm I’ve been running myself like crazy, Coaching every class for a decade now…this might be a nice two week break”.  TWO WEEKS!  Remember that?  

Well, as soon as we realized it would not be two weeks, we acted swiftly and pivoted our entire membership base to our Virtual Platform.  Ally “Darth” stepped up hard here and Coached all our online classes for a few months- we are forever grateful.  This new service has grown into Obsessed Fitness which continues to expand our base of membership worldwide.  Talk about turning a negative into a positive!  Thank you to my amazing supportive wife, Melanie, who in between chasing around a toddler and dealing with my nonsense, manages to do all our outreach and online training videos for Obsessed.

At the start of 2020 I was still Coaching every class like I had been for over a decade.  My amazing Coaches stepped up SO big this year and allowed me to help even more people live lives they love, in bodies they can be proud of.  I am truly thankful for each of you and having the BEST experts Coach all our classes reminds me how blessed I am daily.  They have allowed me to exponentially expand our Personal Training programs and focus on retention and Programming to bring you guys the absolute best of what CrossFit can offer.  

During the shutdown most gyms got crushed.  Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness both filed for bankruptcy.  Many local CrossFit gyms closed as well…some are still VERY near that reality.  Our membership supported 631 through the entire pandemic and we had over a 90% retention rate- a statistic that I am CRAZY proud of.  After we were allowed to reopen in person, we expanded our base significantly with the right people.  Thank you to all our new members for being such a good fit for our Community.  Thank you to our legacy members, some who have been with me since the beginning, who remember when I slept in the gym, who remember my 800 square foot box, who have put up with my BS for over ten years… THANK YOU!  I wouldn’t have gotten through 2020 without all of you.    

Cheers to a NEW YEAR and new beginnings.  


We finish the year with some big PRs.  Monday- Bench, Tuesday- Power Snatch, Wednesday- Core, then Thursday a ridiculous 55 minute barbell complex that sucks almost as much as 2020 did.  If you are in the know, you might have recognized that this week we are revisiting some WODs from last year’s New Year’s Programming.  Look back in your Zen Planner and see if we can’t beat our scores from last year.




15 Minutes to PR

1RM Bench Press




10 Box Jumps

5 Ring Dips

10 KBS



15 Minutes to PR

1RM Power Snatch






Weighted Sit-ups (20#/14#)



Core Circuit


10 Rounds

100m Sprint

5 Pull-ups 

4 T2B



“New Year’s Eve”

10- EMOM 5 Snatches (75#/55#)

9- EMOM 5 Squat Cleans

8- EMOM 5 Push Jerks

7- EMOM 5 Deadlifts

6- EMOM 5 Front Squats

5- AMRAP Snatches

4- AMRAP Squat Cleans

3- AMRAP Push Jerks

2- AMRAP Deadlifts

1- AMRAP Front Squats